FROM THE Minister—

Greetings to the friends and members of First Christian Church,

January was cold. We all felt the impact weather can have on our daily routines. Some of our church services were lightly attended and even cancelled due to weather. We were also unable to responsibly host our fellowship dinner in January. The winter weather was an inconvenience for much of the time, but it did allow for moments of special reflection.

Being snowed in for a weekend allowed us to have time relaxing
with our families and our friends. The cold weather also transformed the world into a quieter and more picturesque place. I find something captivating about leaf-bare trees covered in snow and frost. It does not matter if they glisten against a crystal clear, blue sky in the sun or stand in defiance to the lot they have been
dealt in the clouds and fog. The winter weather brings a certain kind of peace in its beauty.
The work of the church is never complete and often complicated. The complications are
caused by our personal agendas, other times due to circumstances beyond
control, and then there is everything in between. The church is thawing out. We will still have fellowship dinners, visit the shut-ins, attend meetings within the church and community, and the choir
will sing!

We are moving into a new season of ministry to the community of Bellefontaine and Logan County. Exciting
things are coming from First Christian Church. As a faith community we are finding our direction and working to fulfill our call to serve God’s community. In worship services our ministry teams are presenting their visions and objectives to the congregation. We have completed a grant application for stewardship training and coaching designed to improve both personal and congregational financial wellness with the hope of receiving
strategies to live our vision.

The Christian Church Disciples of Christ Ohio Region is also in a period of transformation. The Regional Transition Team is beginning the process of holding listening sessions throughout Ohio. The purpose of these sessions is to discern the call of the Region in how it can best serve the churches. We are in covenant together and I look forward to hearing from you and the region about what our ministry looks like

We are in continuous prayer for the church, our friends and members.
Peace & Blessings,
Rev. Kev