The Challenges of Evangelism

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Pastor Kevin preached yesterday on Luke 5:1-11. Jesus tells his disciples to go out into deeper water, which Pastor Kevin shared often represents chaos, which we perceive as danger. In so doing, the fishing nets became so full of fish that they began to tear. The disciples had to ask for neighboring boats to come help them bring in the haul. In the same way, Jesus calls us to go out into the chaos of the world, which will at times seem dangerous, to bring in the harvest of souls that He has already prepared. But none of us can do it by ourselves. No single church can do it by themselves. We need to work together to share the Gospel in this increasingly chaotic and dark world. We need to face our fears and go out... with the courage that only the Holy Spirit can provide. When we step out in this kind of faith, God will bless the harvest as abundantly as He did the Disciples.

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